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The Digital Pan Mobile App is the only steelpan (steel drum) app that is officially and exclusively endorsed by the world governing body for the steelpan - Pan Trinbago.

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Ten Steelpans

The entire steelpan family of instruments is included in the app. You get ten (10) steelpans for FREE. We are adding five (5) new steelpans, so check back soon!


Use all ten (10) of your fingers to play chords on supported devices. You can play chords on Digital Pan that we have never heard on a steelpan before.


Record As You Play. Record what you are playing on any of the steelpans that are included in the app then share the music with your friends on YouTube.

About Us

Digital Pan Limited

Digital Pan Limited is a subsidiary of Digital Business Ltd. Digital Business is a leading Caribbean management and technology consulting company based in Trinidad and Tobago. They are committed to helping companies create knowledge and deliver innovation.

  • Digital Business Ltd.

Featured Quotes

  • My 2 year old just loves to use this app and is teaching herself how to play the pan. Without this I would have had to spend thousands of $ to buy an actual steelpan.
  • This is the coolest steelpan app I've ever used, 10 steelpans in all and they all sound great.

Featured Buzz

  • Digital Pan achieves 100,000 downloads world-wide on all platforms (Apple, Android, Phone 7, BlackBerry and Amazon). Next milestone will be 150,000 downloads!
  • Digital Pan officially launced to the world. Available on Apple, Phone 7, Android, Amazon at launch.