Why Sponsor?

Digital Pan is quickly being recognized as one of the world's most innovative mobile applications with cutting edge features that can transform and transcend boundaries in the music and education realm. With the app's ability to display the steelpan notes and act as an interactive teaching tool, it can be used as a teaching aid for those learning to play the steelpan. The app can be used in any educational setting and is a very convenient and economical way of accessing the steelpan for music lovers, pannists, musicians and students. We would like to make this app FREE to the world while giving organisations the opportunity to connect their brand to the national instrument and make it available to any one of the potential 450 million smartphone and tablet device users worldwide.


Pan Trinbago
This innovative app features the entire family of steelpans aimed at the promotion of this unique instrument and at the same time presents an opportunity to learn and appreciate the national musical instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.

Microsoft Trinidad
The Digital Pan, was not only a great application for mobile consumers, its indigenous theme and potential will go a long way towards promoting our culture and cultural heritage across the globe.