Steelpan At Your Fingertips

Key Features

Free To Download
Digital Pan is FREE for the world to download and it is available on all major mobile platforms.
10 Steelpans Included
The entire steelpan family is included in the app. Ten (10) steelpans and counting.
Record As You Play
Have a great idea for a song? Record it as you play it using the app then upload it to YouTube.
High Quality Sounds
All Steelpan notes were recorded directly off the GILLPANS Masters Series of steelpans.
Great Teaching Aid
The notes of the steelpan can be toggled on/off and used as a teaching aid.
Multi-touch Supported
Use all ten (10) of your fingers at the same time to play chords.

Available Platforms

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Kindle Fire

The Buzz

This innovative app features the entire family of steelpans aimed at the promotion of this unique instrument and at the same time presents an opportunity to learn and appreciate the national musical instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.

Pan Trinbago

The Digital Pan, was not only a great application for mobile consumers, its indigenous theme and potential will go a long way towards promoting our culture and cultural heritage across the globe. We are very proud that this app will be available on all Windows mobile platforms.

Microsoft Trinidad

My 2 year old just loves to use this app and is teaching herself how to play the pan. Without this I would have had to spend thousands of $ to either buy an actual pan.

Android User

This is the coolest steelpan app I've ever used, 10 steelpans in all and they all sound great. The record feature is also great because you can create a video and post it to YouTube. Great job keep it up.

iPad User